Self Magazine Labels Tutu Runners as Lame!!! The Tutu World is Fighting back!

I was right in the middle of my recapping the I Love Lucy stage show when this article was flooding my Facebook page.

Here is what one of the girls in the picture posted after seeing the article:

FROM GLAM RUNNER Facebook page:
Excited to see our tutus in SELF Magazine … but shocked to see that running tutus are classified as lame. Especially considering the fact that this picture is from last year’s LA Marathon when Glam Runner founders Tara and Monika ran together as superheroes … because Monika was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and was running a marathon in the middle of a year of chemo.

As both a runner and lover of running in a tutu I feel I need to speak up on this.

First I want to ask what make Self so holy that they can tell us runners how to run. Or that we aren’t serious enough to be enjoying this sport. I can tell you as a former college athlete I know what it takes to be a serious athlete and while I do train and train hard sometimes I don’t want to be serious and that’s the beauty of this sport we don’t have to always go out looking for a PR! I ran the LA Marathon this year and literally ran my worst time ever by a lot but I loved it I enjoyed the people and miles and sights and made some amazing friendships for those 6+ hours I was out there! So am I wrong should I have been pounding the pavement giving it my all just because some stupid magazine is telling me how I’m supposed to marathon??? When I first started running I was heavy and out of shape and felt out of place in the running world until the first time I ran in a purple tutu and set out with my friend who was running her first half. For me it let us know to take it easy and not take ourselves too seriously. It worked and I was hooked at the support we got as we were running. From then on when I had the chance to costume I did for the mere idea of not always having to take yourself so seriously.

As I dug up more on this subject I found this great response from one of the girls sisters:

My sister TMae Baize and her friend Monika Carlson Allen were recently picture in SELF magazine after the magazine solicited their business, GLAM RUNNER, for photos of runners in tutus. They were disappointed and shocked after the photos they provided to the magazine were used as part of a feature of things SELF Magazine considers “lame”. Instead of using an anonymous photo from any race and blurring out faces to diss active and enthusiastic runners, the magazine used a photo that Tmae and Monika happily provided. Glam Runner is a business that comes from their heart and is used to fund a cause close to them called GIRLS ON THE RUN, which not only trains young girls to run a 5K, but also helps the girls address issues such as body image, bullying, and peer pressure. Additionally, the photo featured is from a marathon that Tmae and Monika ran dressed as Super Heroes because at that time Monika had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and was running the marathon in the middle of a year of chemo. The tutus do not make for a faster PR, but when wearing them in group, identify teammates, runners can be motivated by the attention the tutu brings, and spectators can’t help but smile. What IS NOT LAME is the sight of hundreds of young girls in tutus running their first (or 10th!) 5k with a fun costume on and a smile on their faces. SELF Magazine, next time you need photos to put someone or something down, don’t ASK for them from a business.

I end simply by saying how much respect I have lost for you Self Magazine for bullying a group of people this time it’s Tutu Runners and it may seem stupid to some but we are teaching our future generations that it’s ok to put people down because you feel your way is better! This is happening all around us even during Princess one of my new friends was coaching a first time half marathoner as she began to struggle when a horrible women ran by and told her that she didn’t belong out there!!! What gives anyone the right to say something that horrible?? Well in this case it’s articles like this that are making it ok to put others down.

To Monika: you are not only one of the bravest people I have never met for not only running a marathon but to do it during chemo to show so many other people living with cancer to get out and live and not let cancer beat you. I admire you and know you have a tutu army behind you!

(Seriously I would hope to have thousands of women show up outside their offices in tutus as a sign of support!)

To Self: Making fun of someone shows that you are too afraid to be seen as “uncool” sure we may look silly but that’s the point we can laugh at ourselves, we can fail, we can succeed and we can enjoy life! It’s obvious to me the writer of that paragraph from the magazine can’t do any of those things. Before you judge us you might want to get to know us and see we are a good supportive group of women that are getting out there doing something that scares most people, living life.

My favorite tutu picture after running a 2:10 half marathon!

malibu half
Tutu Running, Running with a chance of costumes


First tutu adventure with Jen during her first half!

tutu runner
tutu power
tutu runner
Coaster Run


New Years Half light up tutu!

Double tutu weekend two half marathons and two different tutus!

Long Half Marathon
tutu runner


tutu runner


I’m adding this picture because even with a tutu and makeup I can throw a mean fastball!

Tutu Softball Pitcher


So that being said Self you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!

With great pride I end with stay proud girls and say

Till next time costume on!!

This was just released by the editor and chief of Self


9 thoughts on “Self Magazine Labels Tutu Runners as Lame!!! The Tutu World is Fighting back!

  1. Well said! The picture/caption in Self Magazine made me so ANGRY! I am not a tutu wearer (yet), but love seeing ladies (and gentlemen) wearing them at a race. We’re not all out to run a 7 min/mile. Most are out to get healthy and spend time with friends and family. Any way you can celebrate that is to be applauded! And it isn’t only happening in NYC, I see tutus EVERYWHERE! I almost wish that I was a Self subscriber and liked them on FB so I could have the joy of canceling my subscription and “unliking” their page. Rock on tutu ladies! Glad to see all the support!

  2. I love this article so much!! I pretty much ONLY run races in costume…I’m not a frequent tutu wearer, but I don’t race without my sequin ‘sparkle skirt!’ And don’t get me started on running the 4-day Dopey Challenge at Disney this past January – of COURSE I had 4 separate Disney themed costumes! Running in costume makes me happy, and makes everyone passing me smile, and laugh. That’s better than a PR most any day.

  3. That is just so silly. Who’s to say what we’re allowed to wear while we run? I want to know how many of the tutu bashers have run a full marathon!

    ALSO, that story of the horrible woman at the Princess half – are you serious!? Um, did she not realize she was in Disney, the happiest place on earth?!

    1. I was so mad when I learned about the princess half lady I wish I had been next to my new friends when it happened just for the fact that there is no way I could have stood by and said nothing! Most likely I would have chased her down and told her “she’s not nice” because fighting with her makes me just as bad as her. Women like that don’t know what it is like to struggle and put yourself out there. I do hope that she can understand how much words can hurt. Thank you for your comment I totally agree!

  4. The self magazine article makes me so angry. I have been a competitive runner all my life, had to have some heart procedures and then open heart surgery. I t was a friend who introduced me to fun running ” wearing costumes, and tutus ect got me back into doing races for fun and set pr goals even after open heart surgery. Self’s article is self centered and rude. Not only for this poor girl but all runners out there! My question was it another women or a man who wrote the piece and do they even run?

    1. such a great point Chas! I wonder if they actually run! Congrats to you for getting back out there and welcome to fun running!! Sometimes it really is better then hard core racing! thanks for the comment!

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