Ugly Sweater Run LA

Ugly Sweater runs seem to be the thing to do this year so when a good deal popped up I signed up for the Ugly Sweater run LA. I had found tshirts from Sport Chalet back during the summer on sale and set them a side for a upcoming run. I grabbed a tutu and was good to go. The race started at 11am which in the running world is a dream come true sleeping in! With that we left with time to get there however the 5 freeway was not our friend and we were stuck in literally non moving traffic for a good 30 minutes. Followed by literally no parking anywhere till a police officer gave us a spot after I got out and talked to him after about the 3 lap around the area! Total fail on the race for picking a spot with zero parking, since we were already late we jumped in with our friends and walked the rest of the course. Since there was no medal for this race it didn’t really matter where we finished. The did have a guy holding a snow machine as we crossed (it’s socal I guess that’s all we get).

From there we joined friends in the beer garden problem was that they were super strict and wouldn’t let you in without an id so back to the car again. Once in we took some fun pictures and hung out with friends.

I have to note that if you weren’t in the beer garden you really missed everything seeing that the stage and all the entertainment was there. I felt bad for parents with their kids because they really had no where to go, and since this was marketed as a family event it seemed like more of a keg party.

With the bib you received a very cool retro sweater beanie, bib tattoo mustache and 2 beers after finishing. The race was a fun day out with friends but it just seemed thrown together. The Sweater Dash was a lot more fun and in a better location going thru angel stadium and having tons of parking was just a lot less stressful. It also gave you a medal and a cider glass when you finished. Comparing the two I would actually rather do the Sweater Dash again next year verses the Ugly Sweater run. If you are looking for a more family friendly race Sweater Dash if you are looking for a kegger Ugly Sweater Run.

My bestie made this great photo from the day!

My favorite picture of the day we got to be a human snow globe!

Till next time costume on!

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